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Book Summary

The Magdalene Awakening traces the journey the author took to discover the meaning of the reoccurring synchronicities of 444, the lily, and more.  The quest took her across the world where she discovered the link between Mary Magdalene, the Cathars and Gematria (secret encoded numeric messages embedded in the Greek text by the authors of the New Testament).

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What Others Are Saying about The Magdalene Awakening

The Magdalene Awakening has created something that is very important, particularly for pilgrims who are new to the path. This story is about having the courage to listen to the messages that are being given to you and having the perseverance to look as hard as you have to in order to understand these gifts of ‘synchronicity’ that occur all around us. Shannon’s book is full of the very best kind of magic and wonder – the authentic kind. The Magdalene Awakening is an inspiration. 

Kathleen McGowan, author of The Expected One

Shannon's beloved grandmother told her to follow the signs and so she did. For over ten years she has paid attention to synchronistic events, books she was guided to read, and a deluge of 444 occurrences, all culminating in her deep conviction that a dedicated group of Light Workers has returned to earth at this momentous time to bring our heads and hearts into balance.  Shannon declares, “This is the Age of Mary Magdalene, the symbol of Divine Feminine.”  This story touched me deeply.

Julia Ingram, NY Times Best Selling co-author of
The Messengers
and author of
The Lost Sisterhood: The Return of Mary Magdalene,
The Mother Mary and Other Holy Women.

This book is the result of a deep and profound quest for origins, meaning and healing, written at a time when the human condition appears more fractured from within than at any other time in history.  In writing The  Magdalene Awakening, Shannon Andersen has successfully journeyed to that sacred space and has “lifted the veil” for her readers revealing the atrium of immortality and enticing them to come and join her on her high mission.  The smooth narrative style of the book weaves together a magical journey through the author's quest for the true Magdalene energy, the origins of the Cathars, the Gematria that holds the sacred key, and in the end, a call for transformation. This story is a page turner written by someone who knows, and who allows her readers the rare opportunity to discover these mysteries for themselves, but with the benefit of her company and wisdom to help them on their path.

Maria Maddalena Colavito, Ph.D.,
author of  The Pythagorean Intertext in Ovid's Metamorphoses
and The New Theogony: Mythology for the Real World

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