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Sacred Escape Tours & Publishing

Create your own sacred escape - This is a unique opportunity to book a tour to exactly where you want to go and spend as much or little as you wish…

Shannon will be your tour guide, book your flights, car, act as your chauffeur and book your lodging.  She will take you and up to two friends to the sites she describes in her book, Montsegur, Renne le Chateau, Roslin Chapel, you choose your itinerary…


England, Scotland, France or Spain

Nova Scotia or Oak Island

The Yucatan, Cancun, Merida for the Equinox>

Sedona and the Hopi Reservation

Build your journey to fit your time and pocket book. 

Shannon can also help you with your publishing journey.
Call her to discuss your project.

For consultation on possibilities call Shannon at 1 386 503-0380

Here are just a few of Shannon's Sacred Escapes... click on an image for a larger view.

Black Madonna, Le Puy, France

Hong Kong

Iona, Scotland

Iona, Scotland

Kilgore Church, Mull, Scotland

Le Puy, France



Mull, Scotland

Mull, Scotland

Orleans, France

Renne le Chateau, France

Roslin Chapel, Scotland


Scotland -- Standing Stones


Sedona Red Rock

Sedona Sunset

Shannon and Ruby Ong

St. Maximum

White Buffalo

White Buffalo Prayer Pole


El Camino Road

Monsegue Ruin

Novia Scotia Lobster Traps

Amiens, France

Gord, France

Le Baume, France

Le Puy, France

Grand Canyon

Camino Templar Castle

Merida and Equinox 2004




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